Wednesday, 18 May 2011

BABY CAKE NO.186 : Ammilee


Lots of things goin' on in this very special cake... so pink too...! y'all know I love PINK right..?! hehehe

Side of cake...

Other side of cake...

Adorable huh??

Fluff from the ballerina onesie...

Nursing Cover....! Very useful stuff....

BABY CAKE NO.185: Nano


This is a special order for a 1 year old boy. I'm sure he'll have lots of fun tearing this one apart.. and to the Mummy, let him, it's ok, it's his birthday.....hehehhe

Since this one is for a 1 year old I wasn't too sure what clothes size to include so instead I decided not to put more toys and book in it. One toy which I've hidden inside is a six ring tower.

Perfect for a 1 year old..!

Back view

Side view

Side view

Close up...

This is a puppet book.. I found this pretty cool..! And red, black and white is very good for babies.

Board books... he's gona looove it...

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

BABY CAKE NO.184: Milano


Y'all know I love pink right..... so this cake I was extra thrilled to make.

This is a ballerina onesie ...PRINCESS..!!

Back of the cake....pair of socks.....

Friday, 6 May 2011

BABY CAKE NO.183: Toffee


This is also another special cake, all because it's MOTHER'S DAY this weekend, and this cake contains a 'Nursing Cover' for the mommies to wear while breastfeeding. Nursing covers are a great invention, they literally solve baby nursing issues when you are out in public.

This cake contains the above nursing cover design. LOVE IT! The nursing covers that I will be using for my cakes all come from 'Peekurbaby'. It is a local brand and growing in popularity.


- 44 size M pampers

- Nursing Cover

- Shoes from Mothercare

- Ball Rattle from 'Lily And George'

- Teddy Bear from 'Lily and George'


BABY CAKE NO.182: Autumnz


Side View.

This cake is the first CLOTH DIAPER cake that I've put together. Did it as an experiment and I find it really does make a lovely gift. They come in all colours and many various patterns. Best of all it lasts throughout their baby years through to their toddler years. In the long run you do save quite a bit than if you were using disposable diapers.

The brand of cloth diapers I use are Autumnz because it's easily attainable here and it comes highly recommended by mothers who are currently using it.

So if you would like a cloth diaper cake just specify and with luck there will be some in stock. ;)