Thursday, 31 March 2011

BABY CAKE NO.177: Citrus



Tuesday, 22 March 2011

BABY CAKE NO.176: Nadine


Adorable adorable adorable......

The colour of the skirt isn't exactly what it looks like in real looks a bit red in this picture but in actual fact its more of a deep pink.

This cake contains:

- Pampers

- Skirt and Top

- Mittens

- Socks from Gap Kids

- Washcloth

- Toy


Monday, 21 March 2011

BABY CAKE NO.175: Jaden

For the lucky baby boy...! This is a Mushabelly toy.... squeeze it and it makes will love this one.

BABY CAKE NO.174: Basil


This is a bit of a huge mix...It has hearts, Butterflies, polkadots and dragons...

More directed to the branded baby....bib and shoes from Mothercare. Onesie, hat and blanket from 'Pumpkin Patch'. Dragon toy from 'Lilly and George'

*Size for Onesie is 0-3 months.


BABY CAKE NO.173: Lotus


Took photos of this cake with two different backgrounds. The black background is what I normally use but you can't really see the black hippo.

So this is a clearer view of the toy.

The toy is a beanie kind of toy so it's nice and squidgy.

back of the cake

I adore this cake sooo much! The girl who gets this cake is one lucky baby!

Oh and my favourite part... the 'Princess' ribbon which I was just dying to use...


- Pampers

- Toy

- Onesie

- Pants

- Long Sleeved Shirt

- Socks

- Wash Cloth

- Fleece blanket


Sunday, 20 March 2011

New Batch of Ribbons..!!

Fun fun fun!!! hehehhehe

BABY CAKE NO.172: Rain


Fleece stuff. Love it!

BABY CAKE NO.171: Andrea


Ladybugs...!! Part of my new ribbon collection :)


- Pampers

- Dress

- Socks

- Shoes

- Bib

- Pacifier


BABY CAKE NO.170: Clov


T-shirt from 'Cotton On Baby' and socks by 'Baby Gap'.

Purple and orange... love this combination.


- Pampers

- blanket

- Socks

- T-shirt


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

BABY CAKE NO.169 : Erwan


This was my FIRST attempt at a car cake. Conditions for a car cake: I must have unlimited time to complete this cake. There is no way in HELL that I can finish this creation in one week or less...I must have at least 2 weeks - kidding! This was not as simple as I thought. But now that it's done I'm fairly happy with the results...the mum and dad better love it!!! :P

OMG I love it...!! hehehhehe..not bad for a first try..