Thursday, 24 June 2010

BABY CAKE NO.122: Rosie


This is the first cake I've ever made for my office mates to give to our office colleague who's just had her first baby girl...aaawwwwww....

Side view. The mommy loves cats..the dady didn't used to like cats but now I hear he's turned into a cat person too now!

Close up of bib and toy kitty....oh and the baby book above is for the baby to read before she sleeps...i like to call it a hug book...its soft and safe for baby.

Other side view. That's the baby hat all balled up...

back view...i love how the cat's tail comes over the kiiiuuuhuuut..

Belabih usul kucing ah....eeee

5 types of ribbons used here...

View from above.........

Yup ..this is my latest favourite.....

Stuff in the cake:

- Newborn size pampers

- Powder

- Onesie

- Sleep suite

- Trousers

- Hat

- Mothercare socks

- Hug Book

- Kitty Cat

- Towel

Hope people at the office like it...they know how I can't accept criticism!!!! hahahha... :p

Friday, 4 June 2010

Towel Cake No.11: Rinni


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