Friday, 8 April 2011

BABY CAKE NO.181: Kyle


Simple cake... love it too...!
Contains Mothercare shirt, Mittens and Toy Rattle... very nice stuff....

Sunday, 3 April 2011

BABY CAKE NO.180: Cuddles


Yesss... another NEW favourite....!! Green and brown do go quite well together..never used this sort of combination before, I don't think?!? Since this cake was intended to be UNISEX I felt that green would be a good colour to use. This cake is packed with 100% organic cotton baby wear by Baby Patch - The Organic Range..ooooohh... nice one...! It comes in pink and blue too which I have yet to make. Side view Back view

Close up shot

Kept the tag on, looks cool.. :)

Again I'm focusing on how organic the cotton is... :P


- Size M pampers

- Onesie

- Hat

- Bib

- 2 washcloths

- Mittens

- Fleece Blanket

- Knitted Toy Rattle - By "Lily and George"


Friday, 1 April 2011

BABY CAKE NO.179 : Sally


Not bad for a rush job... I love pink and green together..!

BABY CAKE NO.178: Bruno


This was one of the first BOY cakes that I've made which I was extraordinarily thrilled to make..why? I have no idea?? Perhaps it's because it's all new stuff which I just picked up from Singapore or maybe it's because I get to use this new navy ribbon...LOVE new stuff!!

This is a baby rattle toy from 'Lily and George'.

Onesie size 3-6 months from Baby Patch

Bib from Cotton On Baby

The ingredients....

1) Blanket (Baby Patch - matching)

2) Hat (Baby Patch - matching)

3) Onesie (Baby Patch - matching)

4) Bib

5) Toy Rattle

6) Socks

7) Pampers